Self-determined offers an opportunity to develop and carry out a project of individual design. This means selecting a topic, deciding upon goals, obtaining resources and designing records. The member is responsible for developing this project with the advice or direction of an adult. This project can cover any subject and may be related to any current 4-H project. Examples include ceramics, bookkeeping, and outdoor cooking. In some areas, counties offer county projects. Check with your county. You’ll want to design projects that have special interest for you. The success of the project depends upon your initiative. Those who select a worthwhile topic and become intrigued with it often do some of the best and most rewarding 4-H work. The member’s manual and the leader’s guide suggest ways to proceed.


Evaluate your project by determining the extent to which the goals were accomplished, what was learned and how it could be improved.

Self Determined

In Level 2, you will explore depth of field, aperture and shutter speeds, hard and soft lighting, silhouettes and flash techniques. You’ll also learn how to evaluate composition using the Rule of Thirds, Golden Triangle and Golden Rectangle and understand positive and negative space. Other topics include taking candid pictures, adjusting shutter speeds, panning techniques, close-ups and panoramas.


You Decide, 5314, $3.50 or Extension online store
Helping Them Decide, 5315, $2.50 or Extension online store