National 4‑H Week is October 4-10 | #Opportunity4All | #National4HWeek| I am #Montana4H

National 4-H Week is a great way for our incredible youth and volunteers to come together with the larger 4-H family across the nation to celebrate over a hundred years of empowering youth with the leadership skills they need to succeed in life.

These tools are designed to help you leverage National 4‑H Week in the media, on social media and in your community. For more information about this year’s National 4‑H Week theme, Opportunity 4 All, please read this short essay.

The National 4‑H Week logo is available in print and digital file formats for use in word documents, PowerPoint presentations, websites, and more.

National 4-H Week logo (JPG)     


National 4‑H Week Spirit Day

Don’t forget, Wednesday, Oct. 7, is National 4‑H Week spirit day!

Ways to celebrate:

  • Wear green or the 4‑H clover. Have a 4‑H mask? Be sure to wear it!
  • Decorate an Opportunity4All sign (included below) and share your pictures and captions of what opportunity means to you using the hashtag #Opportunity4All on social media.
  • Use the National 4‑H Week Zoom backgrounds on all your virtual meetings. Directions and backgrounds included below.
  • Share these ideas and encourage other 4‑H professionals and 4‑H’ers to participate in spirit day!


Printable Signage

Flyers are well suited for handing out at events, placing in storefront windows or putting up on bulletin boards, and can be printed at home or professionally in color or black and white.

N4HW Printable Flyer Printable Flyer Printable Flyer



Zoom Backgrounds

New this year are National 4‑H Week Zoom backgrounds! To use a Zoom background, first download and save them to your computer. Then, when in a Zoom meeting, click the arrow on the “Stop Video” button. Then click “Choose Virtual Background.” Underneath the preview of your screen, click the + sign to add your National 4‑H Week Zoom background saved to your computer (view instructional video). Use them during any virtual meeting to show your 4‑H spirit, especially on spirit day!

Half Page Ad or Page Header
zoom background

zoom background


zoom background
zoom background

Social Media

Social media channels are the perfect place for celebrating your 4‑H pride during National 4‑H Week. Download these easy-to-use graphics specifically formatted for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Use the messaging in this document to create Facebook and Instagram posts. Just upload the image and copy and paste the text and you are done!

Key Hashtags:

  • Primary: #Opportunity4All
  • Secondary: #National4HWeek
  • Tertiary: #TrueLeaders, #4HGrown, #FOURWARD

 Platform Focus:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram


  1. Always use the Hashtag, #Opportunity4All, on all posts.
  2. Add images of youth, alumni or volunteers to accompany your posts
  3. Add #Montana4H name or tag @Montana4-H page
Instagram and Facebook Post Images
Fb intsagram picture

fb instagram pic

social media picture

social media picture
social media picture
social media picture
social media picture
social media picture
social media picture


Press Release and Proclamation Template

This press release template for this year’s National 4‑H Week can be personalized it for your own county. Simply fill in the details that are relevant to your community, and send it out to your local media for placement. Are you interested in making National 4‑H Week officially recognized by your local government official? The Proclamation Guide and Template will walk you through this process.

Sample Press Release

National 4-H Week Proclamation Guide

Newsletter messaging


Radio and TV PSA's

Grow True Leaders public service announcements can be leveraged in traditional media outlets like television and radio during National 4‑H Week. They also serve as great promotional tools for placement on local websites, event presentations and more. Use 4-H grows pre-recorded PSAs or prepare your own.

15 Sec RADIO PSA      30 Sec RADIO PSA      60 Sec RADIO PSA

15 Sec VIDEO PSA       30 Sec VIDEO PSA      60 Sec VIDEO PSA

How to prepare a 4-H PSA (University of Nebraska Extension)

National 4-H week Sample PSA

Here is a GREAT video created by MSU Extension Gallatin County that highlights what they are doing in their community to celebrate National 4-H Week.

gallatin county video screenshot